Laura Congia | Scuola di Moda Sartoriale Laura Congia

The passion for fashion and creativity has always accompanied me. It’s an innate thing, sometimes hidden, but, if it’s really strong, if it shakes you inside, sooner or later it comes out.

It all began with the curious eyes of a little girl who plays with fabrics and embroidery thread. And it continued with the typical stubbornness of a teenager, when I started to make clothes for myself.

My first real approach to fashion came with my trip to London: the British metropolis is a trends mosaic from which, almost unconsciously, I let myself be inspired. My eyes got lost among vintage boutiques, market stalls and pop-funky clubs.

With my return to Sardinia I began to work almost coincidently as a commercial agent in interior ceramics, dedicating body and soul to this new job. I reached recognition and success, but not happiness.

This is how, at 33, I decided to go in search of new inspirations. Once again it’s a journey to make the difference, a year-long journey through India, Nepal and Thailand. A physical and spiritual journey that, among intricate markets, precious fabrics, silks and threads of incomparable beauty took me back in time, to my original passion.

I returned to Italy full of energy so I started studying obsessively different manuals of cutting systems. Shortly thereafter, I opened my first tailor shop, specializing in made-to-measure garments, making of uniqueness my strong point.

I continued to work and study, developing and testing a pattern of paper and cutting of my own, focused on a very simple philosophy: ease and simplicity of execution; tailoring at your fingertips.

On these premises, the Laura Congia Sartorial Fashion School was born in 2009, a place where I can talk about my journey every day and be an inspiration to the many young students of the professional tailor – stylist course, as well as to the many beginners who, out of passion or curiosity, decided to follow the basic courses that our school offers.

Over time, a perfect marriage has been created between my passion for tailoring and craftsmanship, which I express with collections of unique pieces, and my fashion school, where each of my students can discover their talent.

This is the secret that I learned in my life: discover and follow one’s talent, no matter how long the journey is, sooner or later you’ll reach your destination.

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In 2014, the collaboration with the Japanese buyer Satoshi Itoi brought the women’s and girls’ collection to Tokyo. A very creative experience, from many points of view. Demanding customers, refined and lovers of our craftsmanship that have given much space to my collections, increasing the demand for large-scale production of my garments. 

Although I was flattered by the excellent feedback, I gave up the collaboration to continue to follow the philosophy that has always guided my work: the craftsmanship of limited and unique pieces.

In 2016 I started another important collaboration with the JM School of Bangalore, in India.  Enchanted by my modeling system, they wanted to learn it in order to be able to pass it on to their students. I therefore had the pleasure of teaching my method to one of the members, a professional who worked with another, particularly complicated, cutting system, typical of India. The possibility of learning an easier and at the same time precise system has further enriched their training offer, and has been a source of great personal satisfaction for me. The results of this collaboration have been extremely fruitful and for this reason we meet every year in India to confront and continue the training.

In 2016 the collaboration with the Esaie Couture School in Manhattan, New York, begins. The director Wanda Bruno, after a meeting in Cagliari, proposed me to teach my modeling system to her students. Thanks to a meeting with the director of Bracè Magazine, I’ve been invited to present my collection of Wedding and Ceremony dresses during the NYFashion Week. The collaboration with the Esaie Couture School has intensified so much that we had the pleasure of seeing the collections of some New York designers in Cagliari, on the occasion of the “Moda Arte e Passione” fashion show on February 23th, 2019 at the Manifattura Tabacchi. This show, in its second edition, aimed to present new fashion designers, new ideas and promote the richness of craftsmanship and uniqueness of the garments to the fashion world.